Saturday 24th of March 2018

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The teacher said to Danny: "Why are you on the floor?"
Danny said: "Because you said to do this Math problem without Tables."

Goss Mail

Our Mission

To make email "SPAM" "Unrequested email" reading fun.

Our Company

Offers you,
Hot off the wire we bring you humor emails and funny emails. Some not so funny emails, some that are real emails, and some emails that make a statement. Some that will make you think and some that will make you remember the one's we love and some just to remember. We have been collecting these emails for years some 5000 selected emails. Some short emails and some long emails. Some are of those amazing people out there we like to give back too. Like for the ones that service this country to keep it safe for us all. Oh those chain letters we all get we broke years ago you cant tell they were chain letters we broke off the chains or maybe by you reading them here we keeped it going. We will not list any with adult content in any of our listed emails. We have them too but because of the younger readers we will not list those emails.


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